About Me

From childhood, I found beauty everywhere, especially in the countryside where nature was my haven. Transitioning to city life, my fascination with nature, animals, and beauty persisted. It wasn't until later that I realized I could capture these moments through painting, sharing them with others who might not see as I do.

Guided by my family and friends' requests for home decoration and style advice, I honed my skills in acrylic painting, skillfully blending vibrant colors with various techniques, from pigments and inks to spray and charcoal, adding a finishing touch with epoxy varnish.

Nature serves as my muse, infusing my work with warm, familiar hues. Each stroke meticulously crafted, my art becomes a fusion of emotions, not just paint on canvas, but a vibrant expression of my soul.

Discovering my passion for painting has given my life purpose; it feels like destiny. I aim to share simple beauty, spreading joy and positivity through my art. I invite you to explore my creations and find my soul reflected within them. Heart and art—similar, aren't they?